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Hotel Luxe Element

  • Idyllically nested in the rolling hills of Tuscany, the medieval Relais La Survera's grand stone buildings provide respite on a humid, grey day. (📷: @questoeilmassimo 📍: Relais La Suvera)
  • True to the cultural crosswinds that have shaped the distinctive flavor of New Orleans, the International House Hotel exudes a worldly sophistication with a quirky local flair. Just blocks from the historic French Quarter, the boutique hotel's location also sits on a bit of history, as it was home to the United States’ first World Trade Center. Its facade still mirrors the past as a historic Beaux-Arts building, and inside, the 117 rooms, suites, and penthouses are designed to uplift the human spirit. Travel tip: Traditions play a leading role in New Orleans, so try to plan your stay around the holidays. The hotel lobby becomes the setting for customs and rituals unique to New Orleans — like during St. John’s Day in June and All Souls' and All Saints' day in November — so you can just sit back and watch the hotel transform with the vibrant culture of the city. (📸: @loganstrongarms📍:International House, New Orleans
  • Wake up early for a quiet breakfast in the elegant berry-colored Caffè Baglioni in the Baglioni Hotel Regina, built in 1904. Relive La Dolce Vita and the nostalgia of café society by indulging in a caffè latte before a day of luxury shopping and tours. (📷: @katarinazaza 📍: Baglioni Hotel Regina, Roma)
  • Mediterranean waves crash on distant shores, creating soothing ambient sounds that permeate the air surrounding the luxurious Hotel Romazzino on Costa Smeralda. Travel tip: Dine at any of the numerous on-site restaurants to sample fresh seafood from the local waters — we hear the catch-of-the-day is always a prime choice. (📷: @robertoderosa 📍: Hotel Romazzino, Costa Smeralda)
  • Papaya Playa Project is a must-visit for creatives looking for a mental reset. Residing along the shores of Tulum, the resort has created a restorative experience to remind guests of the importance of connecting with themselves and the community around them. A boozy brunch on Saturday morning allowing for pure fun (with zero calendar reminders), the simplicity of the rooms, and the holistic spa treatments are all meant to serve as reminders that you don't need much more than what’s already inside of you to be happy. (📷: @globe_drifting @thesetraveldaze 📍: Papaya Playa Project - Tulum)
  • Unwind and recharge amongst the lush, tropical landscapes of the Mae Rim Valley — and gain access to the incredible and often hidden heritage of Northern Thailand — at the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai. Beyond being a sanctuary for well-being, guests can participate in a host of cultural experiences, such as meeting Buddhist monks, bathing the resident water buffalo, wading through the area's emerald rice fields to learn about the harvesting process, and painting handmade parasols — just to name a few. (📷: @george_willfly 📍: Four Seasons Chiang Mai)